Artistic Work

Especially prior to my scientific career, I spent much time with different approaches of composition techniques and sound design. I guess the results can be subsumed by the term electroacoustic music. Some of my pieces have been released on several netlabels (see below), and one composition has been performed in a collaboration with visual artists and actors (Bernhard Humting and Lisa Kaercher) at the Klub Moozak, Fluc, Vienna.
I have also produced film music for a short movie shot by Andrzej Gwizdalski. I have released works both under my real name and the pseudonym NEUBAU.

[non013] RYMDMYR, nonine recordings

[tube133] definitions of nowhere, test tube

[luv018] aauuttooppooiieessiiss, luvsound

Kernentsprechung (2008)

This work started as an experimental novel (in German), which I wrote between 1994 and 2000. Its initial idea was to create a story without the usage of verbs, only a succession of dense images in a complex network generating a strong enough drive to keep the reader hooked. Soon I ran into problems during the development, lacking the element of silence in the context of writing to contrast density, which I later found to be resolvable by discretising the novel into a spoken performance and focussing on different operational levels of the text. Using mostly spoken voice and several techniques of sound manipulations, such as granular synthesis, this soon evolved into a 45 minute performance involving complementary visual acts.
Listen to the piece here:

Other works

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I am a complex systems scientist with a main interest in modelling and simulation within and between areas ranging from biology to public health. Besides, I am also working as a composer of electroacoustic music.